Shinbi's Haunted
House Season 1

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Episode : 24 episodes x 24 minutes

Format : 2D

Target : Kids

Genre : Horror Sitcom


In the infamous apartment building Shinbi, Hari and her family move to unit number 444. They thought they've caught a great deal on their new house, However, spooky things happen from the very first day they move. Loud noise came from the stairs, where there are supposed to be no one living, And a weird little fellow who calls himself Shinbi, the goblin, crawled up from a manhole, Continuously dares Hari to bet him. Annoyed by the little guy, Hari and her little brother Doori Finally get back at him by taking away his precious snack. And then… GHOSTS start to appear EVERYWHERE!!! Suddenly! Shinbi desperately asks for help, in exchange for a wish…

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